Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Sapphire/Non-Diamond E-Ring… Worth it? Regrets?

Why diamonds are too price?

Diamonds or Sapphire
Diamond prices control by big companies they limit supply to get more value. Diamond is forever is a huge market tactic to fool customers.
Did you ever watch blood diamonds movie? That film clearly shows dark side about the diamond market.

Also If you buy 1 ct VVS clarity diamond you want spends more than $20000 . Normally you buy your Engagement ring around 23-35 age. That is your best time period of life. Why you spent so much money on a diamond?
You can travel around the world with this money and meet new people new cultures and etc it will strengthen your bond also.

What is the best option to diamond?

It is sapphire. Sapphires come with every colour you love and they are natural and rare than diamonds. To sapphire market, there is no company involved to control its price. That's the reason sapphire is much cheaper than diamonds.If its price control by a company sapphires will be the world's most valuable stone. Diamonds only have a fake market that controls by huge companies.
As a young generation, you should be smart and wise. You can buy any colour sapphire 1 ct around $500-$3000.So you can save lot of money when you choose sapphire engagement rings.

Normally 2 ct White sapphire engagement ring can buy for around $2000 .Some time it sells more than $5000.You should smart to find a reasonable seller.

Diamonds and Sapphire hardness.

Sapphire is definitely fine for everyday wear. Sapphires mohs is 9 Diamonds 10.So sapphire is the only second to diamonds by its hardness.
Also you can ware sapphire jewellers with minor care.T he safest way to clean your sapphire jewellery is with a soft toothbrush, warm water, and mild dish soap free of any abrasives.

Finally, if you choose a good sapphire jewellery you will never regret and I am sure you will proud of your smart choice and you will love your jewellery .. 

Monday, November 5, 2018

Review about Sumuduni Gems How to Save $1000

We are going to do an honest review session about Etsy sellers worldwide.If you have any question regarding this please contact us via our email.

Sumuduni Gems Sri Lanka Introduction 

Sumuduni gems are based in Sri Lanka .The owner is Mr.Suranga Amarasekara who is reputed jewelry designer in Sri Lanka And they offer natural sapphire jewelers around the world.As comparing others their prices are so reasonable.We think it because they directly buy gemstone from Sri Lankan mines.

Are they offer custom designs

Yes they offer custom designs, You can contact them to design your one of kind ring.

Source ;
  • Their lead time 2-3 weeks.
  • None
If you buy a ring online do a proper research then you can find hiddn gems like Sumuduni Gems .Hope this guide help to save lot of money.
See you soon..

Peach Sapphire 18k Rose Gold Engagement Ring Photos And Prices

Rose Gold peach sapphire ring
Oval peach sapphire ring

We know all of you are dreaming about quality sapphire ring ,Yes its hard to find a good sapphire dealer and jeweler online .But we can recommend this etsy seller to get your one of kind sapphire ring for a very reasonable price with confidence.